The Personal Cushion Lift for the Floor


If you’ve fallen down and can’t get back up from the floor or ground, this inflatable cushion helps you get back on your feet, either inside the house or outside in the yard or garden.  The Personal Cushion Lift is made with an outer cover of durable vinyl fabric.  This allows the Cushion Lift to be used both indoors and outdoors.  The dimensions of the fully inflated cushion is 26″ wide and 21″ tall.

If a person falls indoors, the Personal Cushion Lift will help anyone up to a sitting position on the floor.  The cushion does all the heavy lifting while the user needs only to remain balanced.  Most people can stabilize themselves using their legs while the Personal Cushion Lift gradually becomes inflated.  Additional balance can be found with the assistance of another person, such as a family member or care-giver.  Others find improved balance by using the hand supports available as optional equipment (see below).  When using the Personal Cushion Lift, it takes about 4 minutes to be fully lifted from the floor.  The actual height of the inflated cushion while being used will vary based on the weight of the user, but is typically about 19″ high for most people.  This is the normal height of a chair for a table or desk.

If someone has fallen in the yard, or needs help moving up and down from the ground outdoors, the Personal Cushion Lift can be used with confidence.  This can help elderly or disabled people enjoy and participate in outdoor activities without fear of being unable to rise.  Simply use an outdoor-approved electric extension cord to power the air pump and raise or lower the person needing assistance.  The optional hand support bar can be used to help.

The Personal Cushion Lift for the floor uses the same basic design and materials as the bath lift.  There are only a few minor differences to make it easier to use on the floor.

The Personal Cushion Lift for the floor is designed without a check-valve in the air hose.  This allows the air pump to be used to remove air from the cushion. This deflates the cushion after it has been used to assist someone up from the floor.  This feature is helpful since someone who needs assistance rising from the floor also needs a way to easily deflated the cushion so it is ready for the next use.  The air pump can pull the air from the cushion and return it to its flat and empty condition.

Please note: the Personal Cushion Lift for the floor is not recommended for use in a bath tub since most bath tubs are only 19″ to 23″ wide at the sides.


How It Works

For best results anyone using the Personal Cushion Lift should be able to balance themselves and control their own movements while the cushion moves their body up and down, even if being assisted and stabilized by a caregiver.

When the Personal Cushion Lift is used to assist someone from the floor, please make certain the person being assisted is not injured and is able to be safely moved to their feet.

After the fallen person has been carefully moved to a sitting position on the flat, deflated cushion, a single push of the remote control starts the air pump and inflates the cushion.  The person being helped to rise needs only to remain balanced and stabilized while the cushion does all the heavy lifting.  A caregiver can assist the person being lifted by helping with balance.

As a result, the fallen person is lifted gently back to a seated position on the cushion.  The air pump continues to run which keeps the cushion fully inflated while the person is helped to stand.  After the person has stood up, the air pump is stopped by using the push-button remote control.

The cushion can then be flattened and prepared for the next use to help a person up from the floor or ground.  This is done by manually moving the air hose to the ‘suction’ tube on the air pump.  The air pump can be started and the air removed from the cushion.

The unique design of the cushion with the foam support ring allows it to be stable and supportive.  The Personal Cushion Lift can be used on the floor or ground to help a person back to their feet after a fall, or if their legs are simply too weak to stand without assistance.


Optional Support Equipment

A portable hand support bar gives extra stability and reassurance when lifting someone up from the floor or ground.  These light-weight support bars come in a variety of sizes and are made from steel so they can easily support the weight of a person.  Most users prefer a bar which is either 9” or 12” from the floor.  This gives a stable supporting handle which can be used for balance by the person being lifted.  These side support bars can be purchased separately from a variety of suppliers. For example, a set of two bars can be ordered through Walmart for about $35 to $55, depending on the size.  For more information, please check here:

          Push-up-Bar/38795848 for the 9″ high bars. for the 12″ high bars.




Custom Cushion Sizes and Designs

The shape and size of the cushion can be customized to fit a special need or unusual situation.  For example, a customer who is very tall may benefit from a floor Personal Cushion Lift which rises to about 23 inches when fully inflated.  Also extra material and sewing can be added to re-enforce a floor cushion for customers weighing over 300 pounds.  Please see the picture gallery for examples of cushions made in the past.  Please call or send an e-mail if you have a special situation or need a special product.


The Lifting Tool You’ve Been Searching For

Whether you use it yourself or recommend it to a friend or family member, the Personal Cushion Lift makes rising from the floor much safer and easier.  And more important…

The Personal Cushion Lift will restore independence and dignity to the job of standing after a fall.

The Personal Cushion Lift will always help you get safely back on your feet.

For more information please see the video page, read the Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact me by phone or e-mail.

Please Note: I do not allow returns due to the personal nature and normal use of the Cushion Lift.  If the cushion is faulty due to manufacturing defects please contact me for advice or repairs.


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