Dinah from New York

Already tested it with Mom.  With Dad’s help we can get her off the floor.

Mary from Illinois

Tested it and it works great!   Nice to have around in case it is needed.  Thanks!

Debra from Florida

This product works great.  Highly recommend it, well worth the money.

Brenda and Larry from Ohio

Dear Linn,

My husband has had three strokes and is compromised in his mobility, specifically in getting in and out of the bathtub. We were looking for a device that would assist him with this challenge and found your video on the Internet.  After multiple phone conversations, we ordered a lift cushion. This was July of 2018.

We have used the lift cushion consistently since then. We are VERY satisfied with the cushion and want to send a letter of recommendation.

The cushion is so easy to use—after placing it in the tub, all we do is attach the end of the tube from the cushion into the tube attached to the air pump and turn it on with the remote. Within minutes, the cushion is inflated, and my husband can easily sit on it in the tub. To lower the cushion, I turn the release valve and the air is released from the cushion. He is gently lowered into the tub where he can take a bath. When ready to get out of the tub, I close the air valve and click on the remote. Within a few minutes the cushion is inflated high enough for my husband to swing his legs out over the side of the tub, getting out without any assistance.

Your bath cushion has been a real life-saver for my husband. He loves to take a bath and now he can take one anytime he wishes without fear of falling or being unable to lift himself out of the tub. He can be independent in his own personal care. Before we received your bath cushion, we would have to call the emergency squad or my son to come pick my husband out of the tub. That is SO embarrassing! He thought he would not be able to take a bath ever again, but now, he is SO happy because he knows he is clean, which boosts his self-confidence to leave the house and be out with other people.

Thank-you, Linn, for inventing this WONDERFUL aid.


Brenda and Larry

Debbie from Canada
The lift cushion helped my Mom get off the floor 3 times now!  Each time she used the lift cushion she is gaining more confidence and there are no injuries from being lifted up by someone.  It avoids injuries to  the older fallen person and also to the person who has to lift her.
It is a really great product and I hope your business goes well.

Sharon from Oregon

Hey Linn,

Everything arrived in excellent condition! A couple of days ago. I used it “for real” twice on the same day–would’ve been a bad bad day for me without your nifty contraption to rescue me from the floor. So far, I have no questions. I do have deep appreciation for what you’re doing to lend a hand to the “falling down” community. The cushion is extremely well constructed and will likely out-live me! The pump is simple and amazing, well thought out modifications by you. And yeah, quiet enough day or night for sure.  Still looking for the perfect place to store it. I’m so glad I’ve got the little 20″ cushion–the other would have been MUCH larger than I require.

Bless you and take care.


Melvin from Colorado

I received my cushion lift yesterday, timing was perfect as wife fell down and had to use it. Worked like a charm. Now I won’t have to worry while I am at work.

Stephen from Minnesota

Hi Linn,

Your personal lift got its first use late Sat. night. It arrived several days ago, but I’ve had so many things to do, I hadn’t even unpacked the box. Then tonight my 99.5 year old father was sitting on the edge of his bed putting his pants on when he slid off the edge and wound up on the floor.

As in previous situations, I couldn’t lift him without injuring both him and me. I wasn’t desperate enough to call 911 and wake up the neighborhood as I welcomed three burly rescue team guys tracking mud into my house (it was raining) and embarrassing my dad in his state of undress. So I desperately cut open your box and scrambled to get the parts assembled as best I could figure, not having seen the video for many weeks now and not having time to read the instructions.

I got Dad to roll over onto the cushion and got the compressor going and in a few minutes the cushion had him high enough off the floor to get into a chair next to his bed so he could rest and recover enough to make his way back onto his feet and crawl into bed.

I had planned to unpack and review all the materials and try the thing out before needing to use it, but things seldom work out as one plans.

Thanks for the cushion.