Where is the product manufactured?

All Personal Cushion Lift products are manufactured by hand in the USA.  I also try as much as possible to buy my supplies and materials from companies located in the U.S.

Do you ship out of the country and to P.O. Boxes?

At this time, I normally don’t ship outside of the USA.  Aside from the extra shipping cost, many countries have different electrical plugs and electric current ratings so I only sell to US customers for now.  This may change in the future.  I occasionally ship to Canada but the shipping cost is higher.  Please call if you have a special need or request.

Yes, I ship to P.O. Boxes.  I ship most of my packages 3 day priority with the US Postal Service and include insurance and signature required on receipt.  This helps to ensure safe delivery.

Different shipping arraignments can be made based on your needs or preferences.  Fed-Ex and UPS are always available if desired, and shipping prices will vary accordingly.

What is your return policy?  Is there a warranty?

Due to the personal nature of the product I do not accept returns, however the entire device comes with a 30 day parts and labor warranty to repair or replace any equipment defects due to manufacturing.  This warranty does not cover misuse by the buyer or user after delivery.  If used properly, the equipment has been proven to last many years.

If your Personal Cushion Lift is accidentally damaged after delivery, I can repair or replace most of the damaged parts for a minimal fee plus shipping.  This is nearly always less expensive than buying a new Cushion Lift.

Can I order a custom design or color?

I now make most of the cushions using the Royal Blue color fabric since it is the most popular.  I have this color fabric in stock and cushions made from this are ready for shipping in about three weeks. Each cushion can be specially designed to fit your individual needs. Cushions can be made from fabric which includes a variety of colors (based on availability).  If you prefer a custom color, please contact me for color options.

There is no extra charge for optional fabric colors, however due to the time needed for ordering fabric please allow 2 to 3 weeks longer for delivery.  

If the Personal Cushion Lift will be used in a walk-in bath, I can custom design the shape and size to fit the rectangular seating area in the tub. Please contact me if you have a special situation or need a special product.

When you purchase a Personal Cushion Lift, let me know your intended use (bath or floor), desired color, and any special features you need for your situation (shape, diameter, height, etc.).  It is also necessary for me to know the weight and height of the primary user to make the needed adjustments for proper equipment operation.

How much does it cost to make a cushion which is able to lift a heavier or taller person?

A cushion which is able to lift up to 300 lbs. takes me only 15 minutes longer to make so I don’t charge extra for this.  A Cushion Lift designed to lift more than 300 lbs. takes me an extra hour to build so I charge $25 extra for this additional work.  A floor Cushion Lift which inflates to 21″ is more complicated so I charge $50 extra for the construction time and materials needed.

Can the “extra tall” Cushion Lift be used in a bath tub?

I don’t recommend a taller Cushion Lift be used in a bath because it’s wider as well as taller.  For this reason it doesn’t usually fit inside a regular tub.  The taller cushion lift is about 26″ wide and 21″ tall when fully inflated.

Can you make a square cushion?

I can make most shapes, (square, round, rectangular, etc.) but I’ve found that a round cushion is the most stable in a regular bath tub or on the floor.

A square or rectangular cushion works well in a walk-in tub or on a wheel chair kind of a seat.

Do I need to have a foam support on the seating area of the cushion?

No, the foam support on the seating area is only to help the user feel the center of the cushion and find the proper place to sit.  The foam support on the bottom of the cushion is more important.  It helps to minimize the side-to-side movement of the cushion and stabilize the user.

Is it possible to order a cushion without the foam supports on the top and bottom?

Yes, I can make a Cushion Lift any way you prefer (within reason).

Can I remove the foam supports on the top and bottom if I don’t like how they feel?

Yes, the foam supports can be removed by hand.  Some customers have preferred to remove the foam supports after they receive their Personal Cushion Lift.  This can be done easily by opening the Velcro fabric closure and carefully removing the foam support.

How do I order the optional carrying bag you describe?

The easiest and best way to order one is through eBay, Amazon or a similar supplier.  The cost is less than $25 and the shipping is sometimes free.

The bag I suggest is made by ‘Port & Company’ and the model is BG980.  They call it the ‘Basic Large Duffel’, and it is available in a variety of colors.

If something breaks on my Personal Cushion Lift can it be repaired?

I designed the product specifically to be serviced and repaired if it is damaged.  Many of the parts such as the air pump and remote control can be replaced with new parts from the supplier.  Other parts like the air hose, cushion fabric cover, or parts inside the cushion can be repaired or replaced if you ship the damaged part to me.  The cost to repair or replace a damaged part is much less than buying a new Cushion Lift.  I can usually complete the repair in a week or two.

How do I know if the cushion size will fit my bath tub?

The standard Personal Cushion Lift for the bath is designed to be 20″ wide when fully inflated.  This should fit in most standard size tubs.  If you measure the width of your tub at the top of the wall (where the water level is when the tub is full of water), it will indicate the width.  If your bath tub is more narrow than 20″, I can make a smaller cushion to fit inside your tub.

Most bath tubs have a more narrow floor area than the sides.  I now make all bath tub Cushion Lifts with a 19 inch diameter foam support on the bottom so it will fit inside most bath tubs.

On the floor Cushion Lift I make the foam support about 22 inches wide for better support on a flat open floor.

Every Cushion Lift can be used either in the bath or on the floor, as long as the cushion fits inside the tub.  I try to make each Cushion Lift function properly for the intended application.  In an emergency, any Cushion Lift can be used to help a person back to their feet.

In case of an emergency, can I lift someone who is heavier than 300 lbs.?

Every cushion lift can assist people of various sizes.  If the person needing help is larger or heavier than normal, the Cushion Lift may not lift the person as high as usual but it will still give them a good start toward getting back on their feet.

I build each Cushion Lift to withstand more stress than is actually claimed in my description.  For example, the regular Cushion Lift is advertised to lift a person weighing up to 250 lbs., however it will still lift a person of higher weight in an emergency.  With a few small adjustments, the same exact cushion can lift a 350 lb. person nearly as high as a 250 lb. person.

In an emergency, any Cushion Lift can be used to help any person back to their feet.  Please use caution and common sense to make sure no one is injured when attempting to assist someone in an emergency.

–Before moving someone, always make sure the person receiving help has not been injured.  If there has been injury, call for assistance.

–If you have any question about using any Cushion Lift in an emergency, please call for assistance. 

–Emergency response workers may be able to use your Cushion Lift to help the person needing assistance.

Can you make a cushion with suction cups on the bottom?

I designed the Personal Cushion Lift so it can move with the user sitting on the cushion in the tub.  For this reason I don’t recommend suction cups on the bottom.  If you want a very non-clip surface on the bottom, I can sew a rubber mat to the bottom which keeps the cushion from sliding while the user is sitting on it.

When I make a cushion for use only in a walk-in tub, I actually include this non-slip surface on the bottom of the cushion.  The rubber mat helps to ensure the cushion remains in place during use because the seating area in a walk-in tub is very limited.  In the Gallery section of this website you can see a picture of a Cushion Lift made for a walk-in tub with this rubber non-slip bottom.

Can the buyer shorten the air hose so the equipment fits better in their house?

Yes the hose can be shortened, however I recommend keeping it long so the air pump can be placed conveniently and safely away from the Cushion Lift.  If the hose is still too long, the excess hose can be rolled into a loop and taped together for convenience to avoid a tripping hazard.

Can I order a replacement remote control to have in case the original breaks?

Yes, the remote control is available from me for $25.  The remote control unit is also available at many local hardware stores or from internet stores.  Any similar electrical remote control device will work the same.

Can you make a cushion for a very large person, for example, 400 to 500 lbs.?

I don’t normally make cushions which can support this weight.  For a special order I can make one that will work but it would take extra time to develop, test and construct.  The cost will also be more expensive.  I am always open to new ideas and challenges if the need is great enough.

A Personal Cushion Lift which is able to lift a very large person would not fit in a normal size bath tub.

What is the best way to dry the cushion after a bath?

I suggest turning the cushion on its side in the bath tub so the water inside the fabric can drain out of the seam area.  This is important so the water is not trapped inside the fabric cover of the cushion.  Depending on the surrounding air temperature and humidity, the cushion should then dry in a few hours.  Cooler or more humid conditions will lengthen the drying time needed.

I’ve talked to some customers who place their cushion on a raised drying stand or a towel to help the fabric to dry more quickly.

How can I keep the cushion from smelling stale or musky after being used many times in the bath tub?  Can it be cleaned?

I suggest rinsing or soaking the cushion in a bath tub containing warm water and a dilute solution of chlorine bleach.  This process is similar to bleaching clothes in a washing machine.  A mild solution such as 1 tablespoon of bleach in 10 gallons of water should help disinfect the surfaces.  Excess chlorine bleach may cause fading of the fabric and should be avoided.

When rinsing or soaking the cushion in the tub, be careful so that water does not enter the air hose.  This may cause damage to the equipment during future use.

All of the materials used to make the cushion have been used in swimming pools filled with dilute chlorine water.  These materials are also compatible with mild laundry detergent, cleaning soaps, etc.