The Personal Cushion Lift for the Bath


If you find it challenging or difficult to take a bath, this inflatable cushion will help so that while getting into the bathtub you are not injured, and when your bath is finished you can easily rise to your feet.

Any time a person is physically helped into and out of a bathtub there is the possibility for accidental injury to either the person taking a bath or the caregiver who provides help.  Common injuries are to the back, neck, shoulders, and arms when trying to lift and move the person in the bathtub.  The Personal Cushion Lift takes away much of the risk, uncertainty, and possibility of injury when moving a person into and out of the bath.

It is very simple to use, and ALL of the heavy lifting is done by the cushion; the person being assisted only needs to remain balanced and stabilized.  A simple remote control starts a small electric air pump and inflates the cushion with a single push of the button.  When using the Personal Cushion Lift for the bath, it takes about 2 minutes to be lowered and 3 to 4 minutes to be raised to a 17″ high seated position.  Anyone weighing up to 300 lbs. can be lifted or lowered using the standard cushion.  Extra support cushions can be made by request.

The Personal Cushion Lift for the bath uses the same basic design and materials as the floor lift.  There are only a few minor differences to make it easier to use in the bath.  The only part specific to the bath lift is a small check valve in the air hose.  This valve helps by keeping the maximum air pressure in the cushion after it has been inflated in the bath tub.  When the user sits on the inflated cushion, it is fully inflated and stable.  This design is the best choice for a Personal Cushion Lift which will be used mostly in the tub, however this cushion can also be used on the floor if needed


  How It Works


For best results the person using the Personal Cushion Lift should be able to balance themselves and control their own movements while the cushion moves their body up and down, even when being assisted and stabilized by a caregiver.

When preparing for a bath, the cushion is placed in the empty tub and inflated.   A small by-pass valve automatically releases any excess air in the cushion when its fully inflated.  This gentle sound of air being released signals that the air pump can be turned off with the remote control.  After being seated on the inflated cushion, the user is then lowered into the tub by manually opening a small valve which releases the air from the cushion.  The person on the cushion is lowered into the tub while the bath is filling with water.  The person remains sitting on the flat cushion while in the bath tub.  Some users keep a small amount of air in the cushion for softness and comfort.  The flat deflated cushion feels like a thin pillow with a foam support around the outer edge.  The fully deflated cushion is approximately 1 inch thick in the middle where the user sits. 

The Personal Cushion Lift is specifically designed to move easily with the person in the tub as their body position is shifted while bathing.  The Personal Cushion Lift is stable without the use of suction cups or other devices to keep it in place.  If needed, a small piece of non-slip fabric can be placed under the cushion for added stability.

When the bath is finished, a single push on the remote control starts the air pump and inflates the cushion.  The user is lifted back to a normal seated position in the bath tub without struggling.  The person on the cushion is raised while the water is draining from the tub.  When the Personal Cushion Lift is fully inflated, the sound of air being released from the by-pass valve signals the user to stop the air pump and step out of the tub.

After the person has finished using the Personal Cushion Lift, it is best to open the air release valve to allow the cushion to deflate.  The cushion can then be turned sideways to drain the water inside the fabric cover.  The cushion can be left in the tub to dry.


Cushion Sizes and Designs


Most bath tubs are 20″ to 23″ wide which allows a standard Personal Cushion Lift to be used.  The standard cushion for the bath is approximately 20″ in diameter and about 17″ tall when fully inflated (depending on the weight of the user).  Smaller 17″ to 18″ diameter cushions to fit smaller tubs can be made by request if needed.

If the Personal Cushion Lift will be used only in a walk-in bath, a cushion can be designed to fit the rectangular seating area in the tubPlease see the picture gallery for examples of cushions which have been made in the past.  Please contact me if you have a special situation or need a custom product.

The round Cushion Lift for the bath can also be used on the floor if the cushion is deflated before use on the floor.  This can be done by manually pushing the air from the cushion, or by simply sitting on the cushion while it is disconnected from the long air supply hose.


  The Lifting Tool You’ve Been Searching For


Whether you use it yourself or recommend it to a friend or family member, the Personal Cushion Lift makes rising from the floor much safer and easier.  And more important…

The Personal Cushion Lift will restore dignity and independence to the challenge of safely rising from a bath.

The Personal Cushion Lift will always help you get safely back on your feet.

For more information please watch the videos listed above, go to the Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact me by e-mail or phone.

Please Note: I do not allow returns due to the personal nature and normal use of the Cushion Lift.  If the cushion is faulty due to a manufacturing defect please contact me for advice or repair. 



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