The Personal Cushion Lift for a Chair 


This is an inflatable cushion which uses the same basic design and materials as the bath lift and the floor lift.  This cushion is shorter and is designed to assist a person who is being lowered and raised from a chair, couch, or bed.  It also works well with a wheel chair or transfer chair.  The Personal Cushion Chair Lift takes away much of the effort and struggle when rising to stand up or when sitting down.  Unlike a mechanical lifting chair, it can be easily moved to any location your wish either inside the house or outside in the yard.

The Personal Cushion Lift comes with everything needed to assist someone who needs help moving up or down: an inflatable cushion made of durable fabric; a small light-weight air pump; a 20 foot long vinyl air hose; and a remotely controlled wireless on/off switch which allows the air pump to be easily controlled from anywhere nearby.

The fully inflated chair cushion is 18″ to 22″ in diameter and approximately 7″ to 10″ tall (depending on the weight of the person being moved).  The air pump with the hose, and the inflatable cushion, each weigh less than 5 pounds, which makes set-up or storage quick and easy.  The equipment may be stored in a small optional carrying case the size of a gym bag.

The air pump is powered by electricity from a normal outlet which means you never have to worry about charging a battery and you will always have full power, regardless of the number of times the cushion is inflated.  The 20 foot long air hose allows the air pump to be placed close to the electrical outlet, and then controlled remotely using the wireless push-button on/off switch.  You will be assured of consistent and reliable air pressure to inflate your Personal Cushion Lift.


How It Works


For best results anyone using the Personal Cushion Chair Lift should be able to balance themselves and control their own movements while the cushion moves their body up and down, even if being assisted and stabilized by a caregiver.

It is very simple to use, and ALL of the heavy lifting is done by the cushion.  A quiet air pump is remotely controlled to inflate the cushion which lifts and lowers anyone up to 300 pounds.  When using the Personal Cushion Chair for a chair, it takes about 1 minute to be lowered and 2 minutes to be raised 7″ to 10″ higher than your normal sitting position.  Standing up becomes much less challenging.

After being lowered onto a chair, the person sits on the flat cushion which feels like a very thin pillow with a foam support around the outer edge.  The Personal Cushion Lift is specifically designed to allow the person to move easily over the surface as the body position is shifted.  The unique design has a low point in the middle of the cushion which helps the person to remain centered in the cushion, while offering gentle support and enhanced stability.  Many people find that leaving some air in the cushion increases the softness and comfort of the seating surface.

When not in use the cushion can remain on the seating area and the air pump and hose can be placed in a discreet location near the power outlet.  When used with a bed, the cushion can be stored near-by, then moved into position on the bed when needed.


Custom Cushion Sizes and Designs


Each cushion can be specially designed to fit your needs.  Smaller diameter cushions can be made however a smaller cushion may not have as much lift as a larger cushion.  

A custom cushion can be made which is more square or rectangular for applications such as wheel chairs or transport chairs.

For more information please contact me to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


The Lifting Tool You’ve Been Searching For


Whether you use it yourself or recommend it to a friend, the Personal Cushion Lift can make standing up much more smooth and easy.  And more important…

The Personal Cushion Lift will restore dignity and independence to anyone in need of assistance.

The Personal Cushion Lift will always help you get safely back on your feet.

Please Note: I do not allow returns due to the personal nature and normal use of the Cushion Lift.  If your cushion is not working properly due to a manufacturing defect, please contact me for advice or repair.


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